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Troop 200 is a boy-led Scout Troop of about 30 scouts in Shoreview, Minnesota. We meet Monday evenings at 7:00 p.m. at Shepherd of the Hills church, and have a monthly camping trip/outing. Find out more about us on this website!

Upcoming Events from Calendar


7/1/19 - Philmont Scout Ranch 2020

Would like to look into interest level for scouts and adult leaders who would be interested in doing a trip to Philmont next year. While we missed the lottery, there are still slots open for next August (2020) The trip would involve 2-4 adult leaders and 4-8 scouts. Scouts must have completed the 8th grade There are both 7 and 12 day treks available and we will decide as a group but may lean to a 7 day as that is a little less intimidating. Information on the treks can be found here https://www.philmontscoutranch.org/philmonttreks/

If you are interested please contact Max Walch maxfswalch@gmail.com or 651 442 3520. The goal will be to meet in the next 3-4 weeks and book a trek if we have enough interest. If you sign up, we will work together as a team to get ready for trip. Expect at least two shake down hikes prior to Philmont where we will test our gear. We will appoint the scout leaders as early as possible and they will assist with the planning.

The website gives you a good flavor and in terms of gear, it looks like a lot of it (like backpacks) can be rented.
We are a little behind on the time, so please reach out to me in the next few weeks so we can quickly either act or punt on this opportunity (slots are not being held and the quicker we align the sooner we can reserve a slot)

7/7/19 - Summer Camp

Departure: All Scouts and leaders attending camp will meet at the church on the morning of Saturday 7/20/19. Exact time TBD but it's usually about 9:00am. The Scouts will load their gear and ride to Tomahawk with an adult leader.
Packing: Please pack as lightly as possible as we only have the one trailer.
If you haven't already located the packing list on the Tomahawk website, you can find it here: http://camptomahawk.org/Details-Page/ArticleID/4888/Scout-Packing-List If the link doesn't work you can find it on the Tomahawk website under Planning for Camp and then Share Scout Packing List under One Month Before Camp.
Most Scouts wear only a few outfits during the week. Really.

*The mosquito net to hang over their cot is really important! The campsite has canvas tents on wooden platforms. The tents have a tie to keep the flaps closed and do not have zippers so insects can pretty easily get in. A rectangular net works best. Lots of stores sell these and they are pretty inexpensive.
It works really well for the Scouts to pack their items into a plastic tote, everything stays dry and the tote can fit under their cot or behind the tent on the platform to give them a little more room in the tent.
No aerosol cans allowed.
Mailing address: You can mail your Scout a letter or care package. The Scouts really enjoy getting something from home. The camp reports it takes 3 days for mail to arrive at camp so you should not mail anything from the Cities any later than Tuesday as they only receive mail on weekdays. I usually sent something a couple of days before the Troop even left for camp and something the day they left. The camp will accept deliveries from USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc. Please address all items as follows:
Scout Name
Ironwood / Troop 200
White Pine Camp
Tomahawk Scout Reservation
N1910 Scout Road
Birchwood, WI 54817
Court of Honor

The Troop has a Court of Honor Friday night at camp. Many parents come to camp for the Court of Honor, drive to Rice Lake to stay in a hotel Friday night and then come and pick up their Scout to go home on Saturday morning. The Camp staff need to check the Troop out of their campsite so Scouts are expected to stay until Saturday morning.
Families are responsible for getting their Scout home from camp. If you are not able to get to camp to pick up your Scout, please contact the family of a fellow Scout to inquire about carpooling. This has worked well in the past. There might be some adult leaders that have room for a Scout or two but some leaders are not heading directly home after leaving camp.

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